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Hanging Banners
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Hanging Banner is an art that has been going on for centuries. We see banners hanging by the roadside, which is a piece of cloth or Hanging with a public message, image or advertisement on it. It serves many purposes and is usually hung by the roadside, trees, atop the building or any prominent high place. It is the cheapest and most accessible source of projecting awareness to the masses.

A banner may come in many different sizes, usually done with beautiful colors to attract the viewership. The use of banners may date back to the medieval times. Back then it served the political manifestation of the kings and usually sported the flags of countries, coat of arms or portraits of royal dignitaries. They were often found hanging on the outer walls of the castles. The 20th century ushered in a new concept and revolutionized the way banners were used before. Nowadays banners have found different applications some of which includes: brand projection; mass awareness; public messages; event information being relayed by the event organizers; educational; sport; slogans; logos; and campaigns to name few.

Over the centuries many techniques, styles and materials have been adopted for Hanging Banner Some of the commonly used methods for banner printing are the hand printing, hand sewing and the newer digital printing. The hand printing and hand sewing techniques for banner making are still is use when the work quantity or banner size is small. Traditional methods employed in banner printing included the appliqué, embroidery and patchwork on silk fabric. The designs were applied by a person who was considered an artist. By end of 19th century the silk fabric was dropped out in favor of simple cotton fabric which was much cheaper and could hold fabric paint. This vastly reduced the cost in banner printing. Initially the messages were written in black against a white fabric, but later bright colors made their way in to banner making. By 1870 the modern printing industry perfected the color lithography which made the mass production of poster possible. Soon this technique was applied to banner making, however it was not until the late 20th century when the PVC material was used widely in mass production of banners. The PVC material flexible and water proof when compared to the traditional fabric. Banners are mostly hung outside and traditional fabric has its limitations in the bad weather or rainstorm. The rains usually ruin the colors or make the fabric heavy as it absorbed the water. On the other hand PVC are water proof and the colors last long.

This not only saves times but also churns out attractive large sized banners. This method suits best when the work quantity is large in size. These large sized are hung on prominent and high places to appeals the viewers. The advent of computer, design software and printers has greatly enhanced the art of banner making. Some of the typical modern techniques used in banner making are hanging graphics and large format digital printing. Hanging graphics are mostly cut out of the Hanging material and pasted on a banner material with adhesives. The Hanging letters printed with the help of a computer plotter. This technique is suitable for low grade banner when the high quality and durability are not of much importance. These are mostly used indoors or outdoors when the weather is not harsh. The digital printing technique was developed in the early 90s and is used when the mass production of banners in required or banners are large in size. This mass production technique saves the time and cost. Some of the machines used digital printing is: dye sublimation machines; ink-jet printers; dot matrix; and laser-jet. Compared to the hand printing and sewing techniques, digital printing saves time and cost. It gives the user freedom to design, edit and use different colors.

The Hanging Banner has remained an art for centuries. It will continue to serve different purposes well into the 21st century. Traditional techniques such as hand printing and embossing are still in practice on small scale. The digital techniques are better for large quantity work. Despite of web banners, which are fast picking up the attention of business minded people to reach the consumers, the importance of banner printing cannot be denied or suppressed. It will be continue to be used for brand projections and other purposes for years to come. The printing techniques will keep on evolving and we may witness newer cost effective printers and 3-D replicators making their way into banner printing. Get cheapest printing services UK from PrintingGood. We offer cheap vinyl banners printing services UK.

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