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Packaging Labels
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Packaging Labels


Packaging Labels are one of the most practical media used for either labels or simply concepts that one needs to be reminded of. In this world of shortened messages and memory, stickers are a must if you want ideas, brand or concepts to have a high recall rate. In marketing a product, branding is very vital to its success. Without any label how can products be identified and differentiated among the others? Without a label, the product makes it even less likely to be selected and patronized as compared to the competitive labeled brands. Can you imagine products in the market without any identification or products minus the labels?

Just like any other medium of identification, Packaging Labels come in different forms, sizes, colors, texture and materials used depending on the need or situation. In the Philippines, Packaging Labels are commonly used by children and the young people alike especially in schools. You can commonly find stickers of their favorite cartoon characters or artistic patterns of all sorts in notebooks, books, folders or for art projects/crafts. Collecting Packaging Labels is one of the top activities or hobbies of Filipino students and their collections are even traded with their peers. Either you “post-it” or simple “collect it” as long as it serves its two basic purposes-be visible and attractive.

In business, Packaging Labels are useful for product labels and maybe embellishments of an existing item for sale. In event organizing or facilitation, sticker-made name tags are becoming more popular compared to the tradition pinned cardboard-type tag. They are easy to put and lesser risk of being pricked by a metallic pin.During political campaigns, Packaging Labels are also useful and last longer compared to the printed materials made out of papers. Normally, Packaging Labels are seen in doors and walls of every identified campaign political supporter or prospects. This is where sticker printing is a profitable business. Sticker printing and production can be a worthwhile enterprise.

As such, clear and cheap acrylic Packaging Labels compared to the other types are more common, easy to produce and lesser in cost. However, one needs to consider that a major concern in using a sticker is the possibility of unwanted adhesive residues that leaves a not so nice mark on the surface. Just in case there a traces of dirt from the adhesive residues, wiping off with soap and water is a practical solution. Worst comes to worst, wiping the surface using a cloth dipped in alcohol can also be a good alternative. Clear Packaging Labels are also easy to match with different background colors since it basically transparent. Get cheapest printing services UK from PrintingGood. We offer cheap labels printing services in UK.

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If you are looking for the printing of custom packaging boxes for your business or personal use and want some unique shapes and custom made packaging then, the packaging printed by us are made right for you.

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Excellent customer service with prompt responses throughout-good quality product and price too-highly recommend.

Superb service -Simple to order -excellent customer relations I'd recommend highly to anyone. Many thanks guys
John Anderson

Absolutely incredible work from these guys. They have been extremely communicative throughout our whole order process. They left no stone unturned and kept us up to date with every process of production. Highly recommend to anyone looking to use their services. We will continue to use them for future orders. Thank you all again. You’ve gone above and beyond. Many thanks BudClub.

This is the second time using design Media, and I am extremely happy. I work in an industry whose clients need fast turn around on items for their events, and I have never been disappointed with the speed and quality, and most importantly, their customer service. So nice and clear when they communicate.

My Printing Consultant was Abraham. He was very quick and responsive in understanding my needs. He ensured I understood everything and made sure I was happy with the design. Very pleased with this service so far and will be using them again!

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