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Luxury Business Cards

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Luxury Business Cards
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Luxury Business Cards


In a world of today, that is customarily market driven, consumer driven and most significantly profit driven, it is hard to find that ‘one’ tool of marketing strategy that can be used to make the final popping sound of the cork, that belongs to YOUR bottle, and by that, this article means something that really makes the impression lasting longer than anticipated. But wait, we are not talking about just any business card! Today people in the world of professionalism, commercialism and advertising tend to use “Luxury Business Cards”. ‘Why’ and ‘How’ is the aim of this article.

Embossed Business Card is a card that has stamped/imprinted text (names and contact details) and logos on the card. These cards, like most other casual business cards are white, off-white, piano black, black, pale-yellow and pale-white in color varieties but the only difference that makes an Embossed Business Card stand out in a corporate deal is the prominence of the company logo and stylized text that clings to the mind of the client that ordinary business card does not possess, and we know that advertising and promotion is all about keeping the customers aware of the product’s/service’s presence in the market and in their minds.

Indeed, to have embossed cards is like having an enormous luxury in your pocket, yet it is expensive to make these cards, as they require a certain tool in printing them. Why is it a luxury? It is so because the ‘Appeal’ matters in advertising and these types of cards will surely ensure a lasting appeal to whoever looks at it, feels the rhythm of the font on the cards and keeps in mind the professionalism and elegancy that came with it.

So, we can say that providing the prospective client with mere contact details is certainly not the only target of an Luxury Business Cards, as the frame is much wider than it looks. Selecting the type of font and logo matters a lot. Just like certain products are not sold because their covers are not alluring to the common eye, so is the case with embossed cards. Let us look into a few details of this fact:

The Logo of the company is a unique insignia and can be embossed along with the name, but not the full address, because marketers do not want to have every piece of information embossed on the card, it looks drastically over-dramatic and unprofessional. Especially when the card is double-sided, embossment must never be used at all. Secondly, embossment requires company cash, and to use it in the most effective fashion is to minimize the embossed text to only the most important of all information provided on the card, i.e., the name of the company and of the marketer or marketing executive and logo. They type of embossment; inward or outward, and their use matters. Try using only one type on a single card at a time. Using all possible types might create disengagement in the mind of the client. The color could be kept in matte format, non-glossy and singular.

Finally, it is upon the choice and decision of the company how elegant, classy and rich in texture it wants its Luxury Business Cards to be. They won’t guarantee a finalization in a business transaction, but will definitely create the lasting impression the client might be looking for. Get cheapest printing services UK from PrintingGood. We offer cheap business cards printing services in UK.

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