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With Die-Cut Boxes, the package is a great sales tool and is almost as important as the product you are selling. It allows the seller to establish a compelling voice through package design identity that captures the customer attention and draws them to the product. Visually relevant Die-Cut Boxes attracts consumers by sight and educates them once they are engaged. Many customers make buying decisions based on impulse concerning Die-Cut Boxes when a few feet from the shelf. Studies show that 70% of all purchasing decisions are made in the store, meaning Point of Purchase design allows you to capitalize on consumer impulsivity.

Die-Cut Boxes Why-To-Buy Statement- this needs to communicate clearly and immediately what the product does, what benefits it offers to the consumer, and the key differences from the competitors. The Why-To-Buy Statement should be in bold type, be easy to read from a distance, and located near the top of the package.Die-Cut Boxes Secondary Why-To-Buy Statement- Once the consumer has picked up the packaging boxes printing package and is engaged, they will notice the secondary statement on the back of the package. This statement can offer more details about the product.

Die-Cut Boxes Brand Promise- Place a promise of value statement prominently on the front of the package. The statement should empathize with consumers and promise that the brand will solve a specific problem they have.Structural Die-Cut Boxes Design- The package design should engage the customer immediately. The design must capture the consumer’s eye, cause them to pick up the package to examine the product, and quickly learn what the product can offer. This should be optimized to ensure the consumer leaves with the product in hand.

Graphical Die-Cut Boxes Design- The graphical design works alongside structural design to catch the customer’s eye and focus on the product. Graphic design is applied to the surface of the package and the point of sale display. Get cheapest printing services UK from PrintingGood.

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