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A6 Leaflet is nothing except a small rectangular piece of the paper that are used all over the world for the sake of the advertising and to promote the product or the event organized by any company. These small leaflets are under the under the charge of the mass marketing in small businesses. Cheap a6 leaflets are used almost everywhere in the world. The main purpose of these small size leaflets is to provide the solid information about the products and the services of the company. However, these are also used for routine announcements of the company. If you were a college student then you have probably seen these on the notice boards. Different representatives of the companies come to the colleges and schools to describe about the products of the companies.

They all make use of the leaflets or flyers in order to describe clearly about the products. The leaflets are also distributed in some events. This is very cheap way of advertising in compares to the other advertising media like TV ads, newspaper ads etc. Cheap leaflets are very important in helping the business organizer to make it big and vast in the world. On the other hand, these leaflets can be printed in any custom shape in A6 size with both sides printing and you may have the crease in it as well. These leaflets are of the credit card size. But you can have them in any custom shape and size according to your business requirements.

There are many options in the flyers designs, you can have the template and put your matter in it to make the design according to your requirements. You can choose the text, image, logo of your company and finally the small description about the products on it. If the products you have launched are of affordable price then you can place a price tag in the design of the leaflet.

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