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Advertising calendar industry is a million pound industry and each year, companies are investing significant amount of their marketing budget in this tool. This is just because it is an effective way to directly market your clients, every day, for a full year.There is a range of promotional calendars available, and these include desktop calendars, pocket size calendars and larger wall calendars. These may all be printed with your corporate logo, contact detail and website address. You may also add details of certain key products or services to these calendars.

Although these promotional products are given at the end of the year, it is also very important to realize that printers will have a heavy workload at this period of the year. As a result of this, prices and availability will be unfavorable for you.

Various companies are using promotional or advertising calendar template in the following form. They are using 12 page wall calendars, allowing for 1 month per page. On the reverse of each page, they either have details of a specific product or services, or they have photo or graphics with a smaller company message on the page. This is usually industry specific. Travel companies, car companies and art dealers will usually have photographs, while manufacturing companies will usually have product images. It is very important to research this for your own business or industry before producing your calendars.

It is also very important to keep remember that people are going to receive calendar advertising in huge volume every year. This makes it important to make your calendar amazing and be the one which your clients use. The nice way to do this is by using a design consultant to style your calendar or to add feature to it, such as key industry events, that will give your calendar a key feature which will get it onto the desks or walls of your target clients.

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