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Plastic business cards are the special types of cards made up of PVC stock and it is considered as the luxury business cards as well. These business cards are not the local business cards, available usually in two different sizes. Simple plastic business cards have the same thickness, same size, and same design just like a credit or debit card you have probably seen. Printers call this type of card 30mil PVC. The second one is 12mil PVC. This card is same as the size and the design but these are little bit thin then the type discussed above.

Plastic business cards printing is very good business card considered as the luxury card and gives an attractive look on the others eyes. These business cards are attractive and give you more confidence when you give this business card to someone and tell other about your business. Other type of these business cards contains frosted plastic business cards and the pearlescent business cards. The frosted card is 30mil and looks like frosty because of the opaqueness of the plastic PVC. These cards are created in such a way that they can slightly pass the light it means they are semitransparent. For instance, you can have the example of a thin layer of ice. The text, logo and the image on them contains the opaque background in order to make the matter clearly visible.

On the other hand, the pearlescent plastic business cards can be availed in Gold, silver or any other color on 30mil. The plastic is of gold or silver in color and the plastic has a pearlescent sparkle embedded in it. These cards are especially useful when these colors are in the company logo. When you handover that card to any customer, then it will withstand with the others. These plastic business cards are very important as per their design, long-lasting and durability. You can have these business cards in any custom shape and size and with the round corners as well. These cards are considered to be long lasting and durable because they are water proof and flexible in stock.

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