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Vinyl CD Sleeve

Protect your CDs, VCDs, and DVDs from dust, water and scratch with PrintingGood’s cleverly designed vinyl CD sleeves.  Our innovative CD sleeves secure your CDs for easy storage, retrieval, and even, for mailing.  With our cheap vinyl CD sleeves, your invaluable CDs are kept safe despite tough handling during mailing.    Why store your CDs on old bulky plastic cases, racks and towers when you can save space with our sleek and handy vinyl CD sleeves?

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Our Latest Prices

Specifications Quantity / Prices
Properties Colours 50 100 250 500 1000
Material: Standard CD Printing
124 x 124mm - 2.15 oz 
Sides/Pages: Single Side
Full Colour One Side
£ 95
£ 145
£ 290
£ 550
£ 585
Material: Standard CD Printing + Burning
124 x 124mm - 2.15 oz 
Sides/Pages: Single Side
Full Colour One Side
£ 115
£ 175
£ 395
£ 725
£ 1400
Material: Standard CD Printing + Burning + Jackets
120 x 120mm - 210 gsm 
Sides/Pages: Single Side
Fold:1 Fold
Full Colour One Side
£ 155
£ 265
£ 595
£ 1145
£ 2258
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Our CD sleeves are made of durable vinyl, and are ideal for encasing sample CDs for giveaways, or retail CDs for sale.  This will come in useful for CD shops, and businesses using CDs for direct mail marketing.   Impress your target clients with custom vinyl CD sleeves that convey professionalism, competence, and credibility.

Pick from a thousand free vinyl CD sleeve designs to match your style.  Use our online interactive design tool to choose different sizes, decorations, accessories, and themes that express your personality/brand identity.  You may also consult our in-house creative designers if you need any help.   We offer unlimited design revision and proofreading so that you’re assured only the perfect vinyl CD sleeves will be printed and delivered to you.

With our cheap vinyl CD sleeves, you get the best value for your money.  Compared to all other competitors, our company offers the lowest price of CD sleeves to meet your budget.  First class materials and full-colour printing services UK give you the best products for your needs. To avail of discount CD jackets printing, please inquire from our online customer support service.  Don't miss this opportunity!   Contact us now!