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Tri Fold Brochures

Tri-fold brochures are powerful marketing tools, only if the quality and design are impressive enough to your target audience. Otherwise you may not even get your customers to open your brochure.  What does it take to create strategic and stylish brochures that will strongly draw clients You have to come up with a smart design that can captivate your readers.  The text should also be in easy-to-read fonts, colours and format.  The message of your brochure should also be powerful enough to engage your customers.

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Our Latest Prices

Specifications Quantity / Prices
Properties Colours 1000 2500 5000 10000 20000
Material: Bond Paper
420 x 297mm - 80 gsm 
Sides/Pages: Double Side
Fold:Any Fold
Full Colour Both Sides
£ 180
£ 260
£ 340
£ 470
£ 700
Material: Gloss Paper
420 x 297mm - 130 gsm 
Sides/Pages: Double Side
Fold:Any Fold
Full Colour Both Sides
£ 340
£ 370
£ 520
£ 660
£ 905
Material: Matt Paper
420 x 297mm - 170 gsm 
Sides/Pages: Double Side
Fold:Any Fold
Full Colour Both Sides
£ 310
£ 330
£ 530
£ 695
£ 1000
Material: Matt Card
420 x 297mm - 300 gsm 
Sides/Pages: Double Side
Fold:Any Fold
Full Colour Both Sides
£ 450
£ 560
£ 830
£ 1130
£ 1945
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How do you map out crucial information of your business on the three folds of your trifold brochure?  PrintingGood can help you.  For example, we can suggest that the front panel of the brochure contain a photo or important headlines about your company. The inside panel behind the front panel can have some bullets on the featured products and services.  You can use the back middle panel to add more details on the services you offer.  The next brochure panel can be used to place anything that can grab attention.  The panel that forms the back cover side should have a strong closing message or reminder that will create a powerful impact on your customers.

Our company specializes in online trifold brochure printing services UK.  We have so many satisfied customers who testify to our superior services. Our raw materials and printing quality stand out above all other competitors. We have professional in-house design consultants who are can help you come up with the perfect trifold brochure. Brochures printing need not be expensive.  Our budget-friendly pricing allows you to have cheap trifold brochures that make every cent you spend worthwhile.

Our user-friendly online design tools give you the convenience and freedom to design your trifold brochure.  We have a website that features templates, stock images, and colour schemes that can help you jumpstart on your brochure concept.  Choose your own size, design, paper type, and incorporate your company logo and a catchy slogan.  If you do not wish to create your own design, you can leave the job to us.  We offer you unlimited design revisions and free proofreading for your trifold brochures before you place your order.