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What are table tents?

Table tents are pieces of card folded so that they will stand up on a table and look attractive. They are often used as corporal events to signify who sits where at a table, show off some nice pictures of the food that is on offer or even to dictate what kind of special activity will take place at a table. What all of these uses have in common is that they give information out to passers-by in an attractive and clear way.

Custom Table Tents
Custom Table Tents

Custom table tents are remarkable tools for the service industry. If used right,...

Why use table tents?

If you are hosting any kind of event then using table tents will go a long way towards helping you to organize what people will do. Rather than having to employ people to show attendees to their table you can simply put the custom printed table tents on the tables and ask them to find a table that has something they would like to do on it.

Another great use for table tents is to advertise for a small business. If you take your products to a craft fair or the like then having a table tent showing off your products can really make a difference and attract more custom.

Why PrintingGood?

Here at PrintingGood we offer you the highest quality table tents printing service in the UK. If you order from us you will receive a vibrant and bold product that will catch the eye of passers-by and almost guarantee you more custom.

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