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Specifications Quantity / Prices
Properties Colours 36 72 108 252 504
Material: 11 oz Mugs (H:95 x Dia:82 mm)
210 x 90 mm - 11 oz mugs 
Sides/Pages: Single Side
Full Colour One Side
£ 175
£ 280
£ 325
£ 660
£ 990
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Quantity / Prices
11 oz Mugs (H:95 x Dia:82 mm)
210 x 90 mm - 11 oz mugs 
£ 175

Wholesale mugs printing, the idea of business promotion is nothing new and companies have been making use of several items for the promotion of their products and services for long time now. Why do you think big beer companies and tire companies which are distributing calendars to their clients? They don’t do this out of any charity; they have advertisement of their name and logo behind the motive. There are various examples when promotional items become owned amongst the clients so much that they await its arrival patiently.

Wholesale mugs are used by several companies not only their own promotion; they cleverly use them to increase awareness about several other social issues. These mugs are also using for fund raising and to get associated with NGO’s. For instance, if a business gets associated with an awareness campaign about breast cancer, it may distribute these mugs with an attractive slogan about the disease along with its logo. This creates an impression among the users that the company is socially responsible and helps in building a positive image of the business.

Wholesale mugs UK are available in market in about all shapes and sizes. If you’re planning to use them for the purpose of promotion of your business products, you have to keep in mind some certain factors. Of course the first thing is your budget which decides the quality of the mugs printing. There are various varieties which fit into your budget. You’ve to pay attention to the quality of the material used so that these mugs don’t break easily. Now a day clients tend to wash these mugs in this dishwasher which means you need to choose a material which doesn’t get broken easily.

Wholesale printed mugs may be bought in bulk so as to save money. The printing companies would like to give special discount and provide when these mugs are bought in bulk quantity. This deal will help the business owners to have a long term relationship with the dealer. Promotional products are not something which may be given once in a while and shop it. This is continuous process and business owners must make sure that their clients and customers don’t walk free after attending their meeting.

Therefore, if you are wanting to place an order for printing wholesale coffee mugs then you may freely contact us on our numbers provided on our website, we provide you quality mugs printing services which really help you in your marketing or advertising needs.

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