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Brochure Holders

Where are brochure holders necessary?  In doctors’ clinics, company offices, retail stores, restaurants, agencies, etc.  They can be placed on walls, desks, doors, and counters, where they are highly visible to clients. Businesses use them to display informational pamphlets, sales coupons, and promotional brochures.  They are very useful for organizing various brochures so your clients can easily see them and grab their brochure copies.

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Our Latest Prices

Specifications Quantity / Prices
Properties Colours 1000 2500 5000 10000 20000
Material: Bond Paper
420 x 297mm - 80 gsm 
Sides/Pages: Double Side
Fold:Any Fold
Full Colour Both Sides
£ 180
£ 260
£ 340
£ 470
£ 700
Material: Gloss Paper
420 x 297mm - 130 gsm 
Sides/Pages: Double Side
Fold:Any Fold
Full Colour Both Sides
£ 340
£ 370
£ 520
£ 660
£ 905
Material: Matt Paper
420 x 297mm - 170 gsm 
Sides/Pages: Double Side
Fold:Any Fold
Full Colour Both Sides
£ 310
£ 330
£ 530
£ 695
£ 1000
Material: Matt Card
420 x 297mm - 300 gsm 
Sides/Pages: Double Side
Fold:Any Fold
Full Colour Both Sides
£ 450
£ 560
£ 830
£ 1130
£ 1945
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Your brochure holders can be an instant billboard for your product.  You can incorporate a company logo, design, or official colour to represent your brand.  It’s all about impact and visibility, which can easily translate into an increase in sales.If you have nice brochures to give away to your customers, having a classy brochure holder to match it will be a smart idea.  You may also use it to display the latest information on your field of specialty, to advertise your credibility.

If you’re looking for promotional freebies to give away during corporate events, conventions, and exhibits, brochure holders are surely going to be a huge hit.  These can give your company a good exposure to wide audiences PrintingGood specializes in brochures printing and brochure holders.  Our raw materials and printing services UK are superior over the rest.  Our brilliant in-house design consultants will assist you with the perfect brochure and brochure holder that will impress your clients.

You don’t have to spend a fortune for your brochure holders.  Our online setup allows you to have cheap brochure holders that give you the best returns on your investment.

You can come up with online brochure holder design minus the hassle, thanks to our easy-to-user-friendly design tools.   Our online gallery of templates, stock images, and colour schemes can help you jumpstart on your business card concept.  We offer you unlimited design revisions and free proofreading for your brochure holder before you place your order.

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